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July 5, 2014
July 6 and 13

Guest host Frank Todd will be chatting with John Gorka on this Sunday’s show and also commemorating the 50th anniversary of The Times They Are A-Changing.
On July 13th, Frank will be devoting attention to the 40th anniversary of Blood on the Tracks.
Both of these albums were created by the man many consider the Bob Dylan of his – and the next several -generation(s).

June 15, 2014
Father’s Day Show – IMPORTANT UPDATE

The WPRB radio signal stopped working early this afternoon so tonight’s show may be available only online at:

Father’s Day Show

I have invested heavily in tonight’s radio show – $1.29 so far – so I hope you can tune in. As you may have already heard elsewhere, today is Father’s Day so when the tune “Windy and Warm” floated into my head a few days ago, I thought it would be good to include a version tonight played by Doc Watson and son Merle. While I remember hearing them do it in concert, the several recorded versions I have turn out to all be by Doc solo. Fortunately, it seems that iTunes has a collection larger than mine, so now I have what I need (or at least want).

Tonight also is my final radio show until September so more than the usual dollop of obsessiveness may be expected. I hope you can listen with me and see if the investment pays off.

WPRB 103.3 FM and WPRB.COM tonight from 7:00-10:00 pm. If you can’t listen tonight, check out DAR.FM in advance at

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"*the best radio program in the universe..."
     - (George and Linda Griffin, Golden,
      Colorado, listeners on

"**...always very wide-ranging, unpredictable and fun."
     - (Princeton Folk Music Society News)
"among Philly's best and most unusual radio programs"
     - (

Music You Can't Hear On The Radio was begun by John Weingart in February 1974 to weave folk music, string band music, bluegrass blues, humor, the Grateful Dead and occasional news clippings and readings into a whole that aims to be, as often as possible, bigger than the sum of its parts. The program usually includes a mix of CDs and LPs each often linked to the ones that came before and follow after in a way intended to evoke interest, amusement, surprise, profound educational experiences, bewilderment, or other forms of active engagement. The opening song and other parts of the program may refer to particularly current news or seasonal events.

Every Sunday evening, for a few minutes usually sometime between 8:45 and 9:15 pm, the program includes a reading of selected concerts in the central New Jersey, Bucks County and Philadelphia area. These events and many more are maintained on a list available at the Concert Calendar page. To have other events noted on the list, please e-mail a barebones version of the relevant information.