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The Endangered LP Project

List Updated Friday, March 29, 2013

Records - long-playing, high-fidelity, mono then stereo, two-sided 12-inch discs that revolved around a turntable 33⅓ times per minute - were the dominant format that introduced the world to virtually all the new music created between the early 1950s and 1987. Many of the records produced in that period have been reissued on CD and people like me who continue to hold on to the original albums are cheap or sentimental about the LPs and their covers. But other LPs have never, or at least not yet, made it to CD. Many didn't sell that many copies to begin with and are in some danger of being forgotten. And, lost with them will be some great - or interesting or amusing - songs and unusual versions of songs more well-known.

I like my CD collection but I love my record collection. If I didn't host a radio show, I might not have kept all of them, but I do and I did and as a result have about 3500 of them. Some of them I draw on regularly for my show, but others have managed to stay quietly on their shelves without darkening a turntable for years.

In recent years, I have been trying to keep track of those tracks from LPs that I play on the air when I suspect that they may not have been reissued on CD or that they were and the CD itself is no longer available.

I have a vague fantasy that someday I, or someone else, will release a set of these songs as CDs or whatever technology settles in to replace them in a manner similar to the Anthology of American Folk Music compiled by Harry Smith in 1950. He rescued music that had been recorded on 78rpm records by putting them in a boxed set of 4 spectacular LPs. As a result, whole genres of music as well as now legendary musicians, songs and performances were bequeathed to new generations and parts of the country and the world that otherwise might well have never learned of them. In my fantasy, the task is much more modest but maybe still worthwhile.

As you read this evolving list, please let me know if you see songs that you know have been reissued on CD. Other comments are welcome too.

- John Weingart

Great Songs From LPs Not on CD
Played on Music You Can't Hear On The Radio:

"After We Bomb"
East Winds
(Addison LP)
Tom Akstens
"River Song"
Original & Traditional Music
(Takoma LP)
Dick and Anne Albin
"An Edsel On The Used Car Of Life"
(Mr. Chocolate Mess Music LP)
Arm And Hammer String Band
"We're Up Against It Now"
Stay On The Farm
(Fretless LP)
Paul Arnoldi
"One Note Man"
One Note Man
(Kapp LP)
John Arpin
"Ragtime Turtle Dove"
Solo Piano
(Eubie Blake Music LP)
Mike Auldridge
Old Dog
(Flying Fish LP)
Duck Baker
"Mama's Getting Younger"
The King Of Bongo Bong
(Kicking Mule LP)
Bottle Hill
"Bosque Country Romance"
A Rumor In Their Own Time
(Biograph LP)
David Bromberg
"Make Me A Pallet & Jelly Jaw Joe"
Long Way From Here
(Fantasy (1986))
Saul Broudy
"No Lonesome Tune"
Travels With Broudy
(Adelphi LP)
Howie Bursen
"Green Willis"
Cider In The Kitchen
(Folk Legacy LP)
Hamilton Camp
"Paths Of Victory (Found on CD - May 2009)"
Paths Of Victory
(Elektra LP)
Central Park Sheiks
"People's Key"
Honeysuckle Rose
(Flying Fish (reportedly out on CD from S. Korea?))
Len Chandler
"To Be A Man"
To Be A Man
(Columbia LP)
The Chicken Chokers
"Looking For Money"
Chokers And Flies
(Rounder LP)
Shep Cooke
"Concert Tour of Mars"
Concert Tour of Mars
(Sierra (1979))
Corn Bred
"God Don't Work The Night Shift Anymore"
It's Hot
(Sierra Briar LP)
Corn Bred
"Log Cabin In The Sky"
Hot Corn Bred
(Sierra Briar LP)
Sonny Curtis
"The Real Buddy Holly Story"
Love Is All Around
(Elektra LP)
Marcel Dadi
"Song For Jerry"
Marcel Dadi And Friends
(Guitar World LP)
Alix Dobkin
(Ladyslipper Music LP)
Famous Jug Band
"He Never Came Back"
Sunshine Possibilities
(Liberty LP)
Bob Force & Al D'Ossche
"Waltzing with Bears"
When The Moon Fell on California
(Kicking Mule)
Freeman & Lange
"Old Wooley and Northern Lights"
Freeman & Lange
(Flying Fish LP)
"Man In The Big Hat"
Here To There
"Texas Trilogy"
Here To There
Joe Glazer
"Gentleman Jimmy Watt"
Jellybean Blues
(Collector LP)
Dave Gordon
"Hands On The Switch"
Dave Gordon
(Corduroy Road)
Dave Gordon
"You're Getting Bothered Doesn't Marry Me"
Natural Causes
(Vetco LP)
Dave & Kay Gordon
"King Of The Whole World"
Alive At Last
(Vetco LP)
Claire Hamill
"All The Cakes She Baked Him"
Stage Door Johnnies
(Konk West LP)
Aliotta Haynes
"Rockerfeller Blues"
Aliotta Haynes Music
(Ampex LP)
Bill and Bonnie Hearne
New Mexico Rain
(1982 LP)
John Herald
"The Fire Song"
John Herald
(Paramount LP)
Hot Mud Family
"Pinball Blues"
Meat And Potatoes And Stuff Like That
(Flying Fish (1981))
Leo Kretzner
"It's The Same Old Song"
Bold Orion
(Heartwood LP)
"Ella Speed"
Huddie Leadbetter's Best
(Capitol LP)
Harry Lipson
"Weenie Weenie Ru"
Fridays & Saturdays
(Pandemonium LP)
Debby McClatchy
"Somebody Else's Troubles"
(Plant Life LP)
L.E. McCullough
"Let Jesus Be Your Pitstop"
Late Bloomer
(Kicking Mule)
Richard Meyer
"The January Cold"
(Old Forge LP)
"The Beehive State"
Nilsson Sings Newman
(RCA Victor)
Tom Paxton
"I Followed Her To The West"
Outward Bound
(Elektra LP)
Nick Plakius
"A Boy's Life"
A Boy's Life
(Cabin Home (1982))
Pete Seeger
"Oh, Had I A Golden Thread"
Strangers And Cousins
(Columbia LP)
Mike Seeger (and Pete)
"Well May The World Go"
The 2nd Annual Farewell Reunion
(Mercury LP)
Stone Mountain Boys
"Turn The Page"
Reunion Album
(Ridge Runner (1978))
Stone's Throw
"whole LP (especially "Orange Blossom Special")"
Supressed Desire
(Sierra Briar (1980))
Pete Sutherland
"Shacks and Chalets"
Poor Man's Dream
(Flying Fish)
Jack Teagarden
"I Swung The Election"
Jack Teagarden
(Jazz Trio LP)
Pop Wagner
"Impressionists 2-Step"
Disco On The Bayou
(Train On The Island LP)
Kim Wallach
"I Found A Peach In Orange New Jersey"
Paddle On The Railway
(Black Socks LP)
Jackie Washington
"Entire LP"
Live at Club 47
Hedy West
"Pans of Biscuits"
Hedy West, Volume 2
(Vanguard LP)