Music You Can't Hear on the Radio

with John Weingart

33⅓+ years on WPRB in Princeton, NJ
Sunday Evenings from 7:00-10:00 PM

Radio Show Reviews

"Some perfection aimed at people who like their folk music laced with rock-and-roll or march music or country or anything else that will create and maintain an appropriate theme" - The New York Times

"The outstanding folk music program with the contradictory name." - Philadelphia City Paper

"as much a weekend institution as the Sunday Times" - Nassau Weekly

"The best folk music show on the radio." - Daily Record

"Each show makes sets out of songs that are somehow related to one another, drawing connections where none existed before." - Princeton Alumni Weekly

"I would like to recommend an unusually good radio show, called 'Music You Can't Hear On The Radio.' … A half an hour of listening will reveal very deep waters beneath the surface. What comes to the fore is Weingart's extremely wide-ranging and appropriate taste in music. He'll mix up bluegrass, contemporary singer-songwriters, blues, reprints of '20s and '30s 78s, string band, Irish, South American, C&W … the list is endless. And he has a great sense of stream-of-consciousness to string selections from these eclectic fields together in sequences that continually have me smiling and saying, "Oh, yeah!" … As you continue to listen, you realize that what upon first hearing appears to be phlegmatic delivery, is in fact a very dry wit. All in all, he makes for some very good listening." - Folksinger Mike Agranoff writing in The Folk Project Newsletter

"Aural Gratification You Can't Hear on the Radio" - Time Off (2/18/98)

"Weingart still gives loyal listeners music they 'can't hear'" - Hunterdon Democrat (9/30/05)

"Playing 'Music You Can't Hear on the Radio'" - New Jersey Jewish News (12/20/02)