Tonight’s Show

I’m not sure if there is a word for the one before “penultimate” but it would apply this week. My self-defined season is winding down with only 3 more shows left – tonight and next week’s celebration of Bob Dylan’s birthday, then I’ll be away with guest hosts for two weeks and then back for one final show on June 12th before my summer break.
Tonight’s show is likely to include Steve Goodman’s “Daley’s Gone” on the eve of Rahm Emmaneul’s swearing-in as Mayor of Chicago, as well as songs about Foxes, Stealing, Christmas and Spring Cleaning, music by Gram Parsons, Jerry Lee Lewis, Jim Kweskin, Tom Russell, from new albums by Spuyton Duyvil, Ellen Cherry, Eliza Gilkyson, Emmylou Harris, and Paul Simon, and maybe Jesus Christ Superstar played on the bagpipes.

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